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Next Tax Leadership Programme in Fontainebleau announced!

Next Tax Leadership Programme in Fontainebleau announced!
Geschreven door Wim Wuyts

On November 14 the International School for Tax Leadership will organize again its very successful one week Tax Leadership Programme on the INSEAD Campus in Fontainebleau (France). This one week programme will combine the view of leading academic faculty in the domains of strategy, governance and leadership with the vision of top professionals from the global tax scene.

The overall objective of the Tax Leadership Programme is to help senior tax leaders in their reflection on the complex and drastically changing fiscal world. The programme will help frame the complexity and find solutions to deal with it.

The combination of experienced faculty mixed with qualified, multicultural representatives from the business world will create a unique opportunity to test and challenge assumptions, push ideas and develop different ways to lead a tax team and interact with the many stakeholders a Head of Tax has.

For more information, visit the website of the Tax Leadership Programme.

Next Tax Leadership Programme in Fontainebleau


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